Way in the Tigullio stage n. 2 Montallegro Chignero

Stage 2: Montallegro - Passo della Crocetta - Monte Pegge - Monte Manico del Lume - Chignero - Sant'Andrea di Foggia

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Elevation profile Stage 2 Walk in the Tigullio between mountains, sea and villages

Brief description of Stage 2 of the Way in Tigullio (for those with no experience we suggest consulting a guide)

From 612 masl today it goes down to 599 of the Passo della Crocetta and then touch the 774 masl of Monte Pegge e the 801 of Monte Manico del Lume (the highest in the Gulf). Finally we go down in the historic village of Chignero to finish the stage in the hamlet of Sant'Andrea di Foggia. Average travel time about 5,00h. Fantastic views, we will feel like we are really in the high mountains. Difficulty level: medium. Suitable only for those who already have experience in mountain trekking. For Contact a companion to help you along the way call Barbara in advance at 3470716432. We recommend that you use the utmost caution in the most demanding passages.

  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Average travel time: about 5 hours
  • Length: about 11 km

Montallegro - Monte Pegge (Margherita Refuge)



After enjoying a nice restorative nap and a cool breakfast at 612 meters above sea level in one of the excellent two hospitals in Montallegro, we are ready to go again for the high mountain stage, let's call it that, which awaits us today, because in any case we will have the opportunity to test ourselves with the highest peaks of our Gulf of Tigullio. If we don't have filled the water bottles in the Hotel, let's remember to do it to the very famous and ancient fountain next to the Sanctuary which then is located right at the mouth of the path that will lead us to the Crocetta.

Walk in the Tigullio between mountains, sea and villages - Crocetta

Time we take the "Chichizola path" that's what goes flat (left) e not the one that leads to Monte Rosa 690 meters above sea level, known instead because there are the stops of the revived Via Crucis (see photo).

This stretch è marked from different signposts, we follow the horizontal red rhombus e le two XX. But anyway it goes to intuition, it is all flat or almost and often the wood leaves room for large spaces outside the highest vegetation like this you can admire Rapallo from above, also the village of San Michele di Pagana and in the distance Santa Margherita Ligure. After about half an hour of walking you arrive such a beautiful chapel votive, call of the Holy Cross, and to the carriage road that cuts the path in two. There you cross and immediately opposite we begin the steep climb to Monte Pegge (NO the flat way). Remember to follow always signage with the horizontal red rhombus.

Walk in the Tigullio between mountains, sea and villages - Monte Pegge path

Let's drink some water, rehydrate and get ready to climb almost 200m. in just over half an hour to reach the 774 m asl of the Margherita Refuge which is located on the summit of Monte Pegge.

Il walk è almost all uphill and never in the thick of the vegetation, you can therefore continue to observe the magnificent panorama below but we never lose concentration on what we are doing, a nothing is enough to risk a bad fall. The brambles, in the hottest period. they could be the masters then let's help each other with trekking poles, both to avoid them and eventually to make our way through the ferns and dog roses. Now the last climb awaits us, you can already see the refuge, and soon we will be able to sit down to enjoy the cool currents that blow from both north and south.

Here we are at the top!

Walk in the Tigullio between mountains, sea and villages - Monte Pegge 2020

Monte Pegge - Monte Manico del Lume - Chignero - Sant'Andrea di Foggia

Unfortunately, although everything may appear beautiful here, there is no water point. Then let's ration it because to get to Chignero - Sant'Andrea of ​​Foggia abbiamo still a long way to go in front of us. And the traits to follow will be the most challenging ones. Let's rest, but above all let's change our uniform. Let's put on a nice pair of long and comfortable pants, as I advised in the initial description (what to put in the backpack), put on a nice long-sleeved t-shirt and if you haven't worn it so far, I think it's time to put your hat on, as now it gallops on the back of all the next ridges and the sun will always be on us. When we arrive at our destination then you will understand the reason for the change of clothes.

Let's start!

Continue to the left with a slight slope and after crossing a meadow you find yourself entangled among the ferns. The signs seem to disappear or have disappeared, but the furrows in the grass are there and are clearly visible. Suddenly you enter a beautiful hazelnut grove, a magical, shady and flat place, here are the two signposts “Horizontal red rhombus and the two XX” that reassure us a lot.

Coming out of the woods the path becomes a little less clear, but following some tracks on the grass we have no problem finding, on our left, a track that runs alongside the brambles. Continuing the path becomes more evident and panoramic even if it has some particularly narrow passages and others that unfold among brambles and tall grass. (Now we understand the need for a change of clothes 😉).

We always walk the path furrowed until we see His Majesty appear in front of us: "The Handle of the Lamp". Even if it often seems that at the top of the "ups and downs" there is emptiness, each time we find instead to welcome us a gentle descent, never dangerous, that accompanies us up to the next depression. The signs are always clearly visible but where it is missing you can't go wrong so let's continue with thelast piece of uphill path which leads to the top and to today's 800 meters above sea level. In the meantime, enjoy the glimpses below on the left of the Val Fontana Good and on the left, now, the familiar Gulf of Tigullio.

I walk in the Tigullio between mountains, sea and villages - towards the Manico del Lume

Finally we arrive below the summit. It will be above us no more than 50m. The path is well marked and when we come to the crossroads for the final climb (Chignero on the left and Monte Manico del Lume on the right) we continue up the path to the right as we are eager to get to the top. A breathtaking, unique and unforgettable view. For those wishing to go up, here we put a link that tells the Final ascent to the Lume.

At the top we can not help but take the usual photos and admire the natural and human architecture present there. a pause where to do the right refreshment and resume the journey, now all downhill. Let's go back to the same track traveled to climb to the top and at the crossroads where we read the signs for Chignero (a sign with a white rectangle circled in red) makes us cross a small but impervious passage. We arrive on a shady esplanade. At this point, ABANDON immediately the signs for Chignero, to be clear the one with the white rectangle surrounded by red (which continues on the left and is indicated for Expert Hikers) to go down to the right instead. We repeat: NO we follow the signs indicating the path on the left with indication Chignero, as it is signposted for Expert Hikers, but we go down to the right.

From now on the signage changes and becomes a long red rectangle, which for better visibility, well highlighted both on the stones and on the trees which are located along the slope. Initially the dense forest and a little slippery, which will surely put a strain on our legs, it transforms slowly in a 'crêuza'(path) open that rushes down at breakneck speed. After half an hour of this challenging descent on a staircase on narrow but well-defined stones, here are the first roofs from below. But the adventure does not end there, before reaching Chignero it will take at least another 10 minutes of commitment.

Here we are arrived to the Church of Chignero and to the bus terminal. We throw ourselves on the left side where there is a nice shaded square taking a break lying on the grass; from there we look at the mountains we have just abandoned and it seems to us that we are in a watershed between Sardinia and Switzerland, not in Liguria. This is the fable of our territory that is often poorly told.

Once here, we suggest that you call Massimo who is in the house located behind the ecclesiastical structure and which overlooks the carriage road. It is always a good conversation to exchange a few words with this character who knows the history of these places inside out.

We leave Chignero and via the path on the square of the terminus, we go down following the signs with the white rectangle circled in red. After few minutes, we take the carriage road, we go down for about 2 km, up to reach the town of Sant'Andrea di Foggia, to end today's stage here.

I walk in the Tigullio between the mountains, the sea and the villages - Chignero

For those who still have energy and would like to continue on the next day's stage, we recommend staying overnight at Agriturismo La Cuccagna in San Pietro di Novella, which is located, compared to Sant'Andrea di Novella, about 4 km further in low. In this case it is worth weighing the union of the third stage with the fourth.

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