Kilo the Sfuseria del Vicolo Genova

Kilo the Sfuseria del Vicolo Genova

Kilo la Sfuseria via di Ravecca in Genoa

Today we meet Olga, class 1988. Passionate about fashion and design and originally from Uzbekistan. Olga tells us a little about her story, her travels, her love for the environment and her continuous research. He introduces us and makes us visit virtually, his "Sfuseria del Vicolo" in that of Ravecca a GenoVa. The saga enters perfectly into the deepest folds of what BioTigullio5Terre means. Which means for our readers and for all the friends who follow us assiduously, even through social channels. Olga for us she is a heroine, and as such, often runs the risk that its message may not be properly understood.

We are sure that the same will be understood instead by our audience of friends, as the change is taking place and we cannot stop it. "We want to change the world!”For us but above all for our children and our grandchildren. After all, honestly, we can also do without it.

My story

After a long one percorso di growth e di maturity staff, Olga, decides di launch in the adventure commercial type Zero Waste e Plastic Free. This his walk it begins gradually, first paying more and more attention to differentiated and then with the waiver to water bottled, to shampoo with plastic dispenser, and above all depriving himself area of his beloved coca tail.

Subsequently the path starts with la search di those little shops where to buy i products deprived di packaging e especially products bulk. But let's give the floor to you: “Probably this sensibility towards the 'green' It is born in period of childhood spent in Umbria, after leaving his native country, Uzbekistan.

Il my character mi He has always prevented di linger too long in one place. So at the age of 21, travel begins: London, Caraibi, Malta just to mention the most significant, where I worked in fashion, as my studies have formed me for that world.

Also having a rebellious character and always eager to discover new things, this time I come to Milan, but even the 'city' does not satisfy me, as the call for nature has always been very strong and has never stopped pulsating in me . Instead GenoVa, enclosed between Mountains, sea, history and e carruggi it has kidnapped both my soul and my heartand, as I have also found Love here.

Kilo the Sfuseria del Vicolo in Genoa in via Ravecca

Mi are mass immediately at work. In Genoa they existed alone two sfuserie: the ant e loose green, also in the historic center there was no trace of anything similar and therefore mi are oriented a look for one location in Neighborhood di GenoVa where life never stops: that of the people's ways. I walked for days and days in all directions of the streets of the center, sometimes even risking losing my orientation.

Then are capitata in by di Ravecca and there ho I got it and era il post right. Once I found the site, I started looking for suppliers, then I came across the happy Italian bureaucracy and in the meantime I started hang out with everyone i markets local. After six months of hard preparatory work, a January of 2020 sees la light 'Kilo la Sfuseria of Alley'“.

About Us - The Kilo Shop

"In shop stretch predominantly products di small and medium the companies local and national. Not only km.0 but especially Km. Italy. Relations with suppliers are very cordial, as they are professional but above all humble people they really care about the fate of this planet.

Kilo La Sfuseria Plastic Free Via Ravecca Genova

Ho started by pasta, rice, cereals e vegetable bulk. Each small entry was savored and intended exclusively to enrich the range of products. TO December 2020 I really understand how to connote and attribute a soul to my business. So I push full throttle on the accelerator and I delete all it and ha packaging.

Today da me can find out wine bulk, honey bulk, coffee loose and then again, herbal teas, soaps etc. While those few packaged that remain in the store have un the packaging done of bio plastic. Finally now I feel satisfied with this hard research work which lasted more than a year. In conclusion, now I can enjoy my little Kilo shop, my green Eden in Ravecca in Genoa ”.

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