Il Costello farm sausages in Carro in Val di Vara

Il Costello farm sausages in Carro in Val di Vara

Azienda Agricola Il Costello sausages from Val di Vara

Today Vi we tell very good sausages area of Val di Vara products byAzienda Agricola Biological The Costello. It is no coincidence that all good things have to do with other good things. And from a valley where authenticity and goodness I'm at home, we could only find each other once again in the Valle del Biologico, that is to say in the renowned Val di Vara. And more precisely, in Località Pera, a small fraction of the Municipality of Car in the province of La Spezia. We came end who to know in person Mauro Rome. To make us to tell a little of his agricultural reality that speaks the language of the territory, reflecting the traditions, taste and flavors of this territory.

Our History

Here we are finally arriving from Mauro Roma of the Il Costello farm. Now let's let him tell us something more about his beautiful reality of transformation and processing of meat in Val di Vara: "My name is Mauro, I am Part 55 and I have Emilian origins. I have always carried in me un love immeasurable for Liguria, ever since with my job as a meat wholesaler, I often came to this region, promising myself that sooner or later, I would have come to move here. At the time of retirement, this debt was finally paid off.

il costello farm pig farming in val di vara

But let's take a step back. In 1992 individual in the area of ​​Carro, in Val di Vara, the place where I would go to build my house. But DON'T it would have been any house. Here, I wanted to create also one equipped area where to be able to breed my animals, in particular the pigs. And yet, set up a space outdoors where to be able to host people in order to bring them closer to the rural world and the slow but regenerating rhythms of nature. Like this in 2010 I build the stable where I begin to raise mine first heads of national rose and Cinta Senese. When the well-deserved retirement arrives, in 2021, It is born to all intents and purposes theIl Costello Farm (name of the locality) in the hamlet of Pera in the Municipality of Carro. As aforementioned, today in the company I welcome guests to let them taste the delicacies of my transformed but also those of the nearby farms, especially dairy, with which I am promoting a prolific job of circular economy, a kind of virtuous circuit".

About Us - Il Costello Farm

“The Agricultural Company The Costello is absolutely organic, the sausages do not contain preservatives of any kind and therefore I take care of carrying out a careful seasoning, in an area of ​​my cellar at a controlled temperature. The trust and quality of my work is also rewarded by the fact that many local farms serve my cold cuts to guests arriving in the valley.

il costello farm salami bio val di vara

Le mie specialty are the salami, cup, bacon, culatello and lard. The production, as already mentioned, is all certified organic. To visit the company to taste the products, I recommend giving me a call to guarantee you an accurate service ".

We thank Mauro for telling us about his dream that finally comes true, hoping that even our modest work of dissemination, theoretical and practical, will push others to change their styles and models of life. Models that can tune in and blend harmoniously with nature and with its times, which, as we now well know, are absolutely not aligned with our current ones.

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