On Off craft beer in Lavagna nel Tigullio

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The On / Off craft beer in Lavagna nel Tigullio

It has been some time since we wrote more about a craft beer but above all a local one. We accidentally discovered the friends of the On / Off Beer by Lavagna, at the last edition of the event 'They are all our cabbages', 27/28 November 2021. An initiative born in 2019 a Lavagna to promote local products, especially the cabbage blackboard and the ancient native vegetables. Also to promote the farms of the area, the recipes, the tradition, the history of Tigullio, of the neighboring municipalities and of the whole Ligurian hinterland. So we just have to pass the word to them to tell us a little about this new business venture carried on by genuine guys, eager to pass on and to promote a popular tradition such as that of beer.

Our History

We leave the narration in the hands of Joseph: "It all started with the frequentation of the Pub La Tana del Lupo in Cavi di Lavagna in front of the railway station, where, among other things, one of our current partners worked: Benedetto. There you could taste the first real craft beers. The mess is experienced first of all by being good drinkers and as such we could not help but try to get deeper and deeper into the fantastic world of beer production.

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Taverna del Vara Torza Brewery

taverna del vara brewery

La Taverna del Vara Brewery

Going to farmhouses, for restaurants and trattorias it has happened very often to come across and taste, especially my wife Barbara who is the hops specialist, the beers of this craft brewery: The Taverna del Vara di Torza - SP. As soon as the BioTigullio5Terre project started, I set out to contact them because we could not fail to have them as guests of our web showcase good and genuine things, especially made with heart, art and professionalism. But also a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to emerge and be known.

The Company - Who we are

They tell us about them: "We are a small brewery located in the Val di Vara, a valley declared organic, located in the Ligurian east, close to the Cinque Terre and on the state road 523, which connects Emilia with the Ligurian coast.

The brewery develops in the old family business and he made foam and wine and resold water. This has been the case since the postwar period until the early 2000s. The first production and processing site was the foam laboratory of our grandparents.

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