Cascinetta Maria de Zena Canapa Agricultural Company in Genoa

maria de zena island of canton hemp genoa

Maria de Zena Canapa Genoa to Isola del Cantone

Finally, after years of taboo and forcaiole laws, you can go back freely a talk about Hemp in Genoa and beyond. Today we are going to discover the fabulous reality of the friends ofAzienda Agricola La Cascinetta, aka 'Maria de Zena' in that of Isola del Cantone in the Province of Genoa. Isola del Cantone is a small town behind the capital that has about 1.500 inhabitants. It is located in theUpper Scrivia Valley at the confluence of the rivers: Scrivia and Vobbia. This is the reason for the name 'Isola', while 'Cantone' is the other village that, joining the first, formed the current town of Isola del Cantone. The Territory has its own predominantly agricultural but also industrial vocation, in fact more or less large companies are located in it. And precisely from this historical vocation, the natural settlement of the agricultural cultivation of hemp, of the 'Maria de Zena' project, could only be here. We now leave the floor to the young entrepreneurs of the La Cascinetta farm.

Our History

"My name is Gabriele and I am born in 1977. I am originally from Ronco Scrivia and by trade I was a tourist bus driver. This work led me to travel all over Europe. The comparison with other cultures, even if continental, has helped me to develop a different perspective and to observe life under a different lens. Like this I decide to start a family, and precisely on this occasion the need arises to find a real estate property with an adjoining land that allows me to dabble in agricultural activity. I find it in Isola del Cantone in a very sunny area, served by water sources and at about 450 masl

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Chiappara Winery Fabio Neirone Val Fontanabuona

chiappara winery fabio neirone val fontanabuona

Chiappara Fabio Winery in Neirone in Val Fontanabuona

This week we are once again in the varied and multifaceted Fontanabuona Valley per talk aboutWinery Fabio Chiappara. A beautiful reality, this too, like the one told in the previous article, based in Neirone but located in the locality Vegetable garden. Orticeto, we will deepen later, has a centuries-old link with this entrepreneurial adventure. Therefore, we do not want to steal more time from the story of Nadia and Fabio Chiappara, but we still wanted to remember how much energy little known reside in this beautiful valley. And we, as per our mandate, are here on purpose, to ensure that none of these stories remain without an audience.

Our History

Here is what he tells us about you, or rather about them: “My name is Nadia and I am an 85 class. The farm bears the name of my brother, Fabio Chiappara e sees the light in 2000, following an ancient passion, inherited from our grandfather. In the first ten years we are mainly dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and seasonal fruit. in 2011, thanks to an unexpected sum that came to us like a godsend in our hands, we decide to transform the company, adding to vegetables also the cultivation of grapes to take a path that Fabio has always sought: that of winemaking.

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Daniela Porta Neirone Farm in Val Fontanabuona

farm daniela porta neirone val fontanabuona

Daniela Porta Farm in Neirone in Val Fontanabuona

Today let's get acquainted by Daniela Gate ofhomonymous farm located in Fontanabuona Valley. We are in Acqua di Ognio in the Municipality of Neirone. By Daniela here we are immediately love after reading, both online and offline, of his splendid initiative bearing the name of stage in the woods. From here we deepened until we discovered thelove for cycling but more generally for nature e the animals. A love that it will make you choose an alternative route to that linked to the city, the traffic, the thousands of daily commitments, the haste and the lack of time for oneself. Here's what we like about this story, the fact that sooner or later, there is a time when it is necessary to say enough. Stop for a moment and let the senses do the talking and decide for us. Stop to those rational automatisms that we have modeled to measure, along the way.

Who We Are - Our History

Here's what he tells us about you: "My name is Daniela Brings, 1974 class and are originally from Genoa. In the early 2000s theneed to get closer to the natural world. With it I quit my old job, editorial graphics, finding home first in Uscio and then finally in Neirone. Here I buy a cottage and then the renovations begin which go smoothly and in a short time my new life begins. In 2004 the farm was born.

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Beekeeping Company Ape Vagabonda Bottagna La Spezia

Sarzana wandering bee beekeeping company

Apistica Vagabonda in La Spezia

We are about to know the beautiful reality dell 'Beekeeping Company in La Spezia, the Ape Vagabonda, and precisely in Loc. Bottagna in the Municipality of Vezzano Ligure. Before leaving the floor to the protagonists, let us pause for a moment on a thought, pure and clean, that struck us very much. Here is what the home of their website reports: “We are not keyboard types nor too many words, but we want to show how we love to live outdoors and in the midst of what we are building. Our shoes are dirty with mud, often splinters in our hands and our strength in our legs is equal to training to go up and down, to reap and sow, up and down the plains. " This story could not have started better with a premise that not only reveals so much truth to our audience, but above all so much beauty.

Our History

But now it's time to let it be Manual an 87 class to tell us his story: "TheBeekeeping The Wandering Bee It is born officially in 2019. While my path in the world of beekeeping dates back to 2014. All this, thanks to a fortuitous meeting with Maria Luisa, a local beekeeper who mentored me by guiding me in this truly fascinating world.

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Hypericum Hypericum Perforatum or St. John's Wort

St. John's wort St. John's wort flowers botanical illustration

St. John's wort or St. John's wort

Contents St. John's wort:

Today we will go to know theSt. John's wort meglio known by the name byhypericum. From Latin, Hypericum perforatum, officinal plant perennial that has remarkable phytotherapeutic properties and curatives with a great historical past behind them in traditional medicine. Now let's try to understand when and where we can make the pleasant encounter with hypericum. In late spring you find it on the roadside di campaign, in the meadows and in the le grassy clearings. These places begin to suffer from the sun, which has become more and more hot day after day, and right here it is possible to come across the cheeky flowering of the Hypericum. The intense yellow of its corollas stands out among the vegetation And its flowering umbels tend towards gold when they approach the fruiting phase.

St. John's wort

As I anticipated before, always are known the beneficial properties of thisofficinal herb. In fact hypericum drift from the Greek hyper - sopra, eikos - sassi, perhaps ad already indicate its drought habitat and arid. The botanist and physician of antiquity, Dioscorides, but also Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, they called it the plant above the Underworld, precisely to enhance its powerful virtues.

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Almond its medical properties that are good for the heart

almond tree and almond fruit

Almond with its medical properties is the Keeper of the heart

Almond property index:

La Almond has some medical properties to be discovered. But first let's clarify a bit. There almond is a spice? Although you think of almonds as a dry fruit in shell, in fact it is the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, by definition the dried seed is a spice. The nature of spice explains because the almond gives lots of aroma to a whole series of sweet and savory dishes. Also ha even behind an illustrious history as a traditional remedy. As a spice, almond is unique in many ways. Where spices are basically calorie-free, almonds are high in calories: about 20 almonds contain 150/200 calories. 78% of these calories are made up of acids monounsaturated fats and research has correlated to a healthier heart and even weight control.

Monomania? Not when it comes to heart health

You wish to consume a meal that it contains the six main nutrients that protect the heart? Well dine on a fish dish flavored with garlic and garnished with almonds flakes, don't forget two servings of vegetables e accompanied all from a glass good Red wine. For dessert eat an apple and a piece of chocolate. British researchers tell us thanks to the statistical results of the scientific literature on cardiovascular disease of consume such foods every day. This would reduce by 76% the world rate of cardiovascular episodes ed it would extend life by 6,6 years.

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Il Costello farm sausages in Carro in Val di Vara

il costello farm sausages val di vara

Azienda Agricola Il Costello sausages from Val di Vara

Today Vi we tell very good sausages area of Val di Vara products byAzienda Agricola Biological The Costello. It is no coincidence that all good things have to do with other good things. And from a valley where authenticity and goodness I'm at home, we could only find each other once again in the Valle del Biologico, that is to say in the renowned Val di Vara. And more precisely, in Località Pera, a small fraction of the Municipality of Car in the province of La Spezia. We came end who to know in person Mauro Rome. To make us to tell a little of his agricultural reality that speaks the language of the territory, reflecting the traditions, taste and flavors of this territory.

Our History

Here we are finally arriving from Mauro Roma of the Il Costello farm. Now let's let him tell us something more about his beautiful reality of transformation and processing of meat in Val di Vara: "My name is Mauro, I am Part 55 and I have Emilian origins. I have always carried in me un love immeasurable for Liguria, ever since with my job as a meat wholesaler, I often came to this region, promising myself that sooner or later, I would have come to move here. At the time of retirement, this debt was finally paid off.

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The Pomegranate also known as Mela Granata from the Latin Malum Granatum

pomegranate also known as pomegranate apple plant and fruit

The Pomegranate also known as Mela Granata

Garnet Apple Index:

The elusive semi reds of the grenade apple - grana apple - in India are dried and used as spice. The Scientific studies li connect always to good heart health and prostate. Each part of the grits apple it is exceptionally Howdy: the seeds, the pulp, the peel, the root and the flower. Even the bark of the tree is. The richness di polyphenols, antioxidant substances of plant origin, which fight diseases, are a lot superior to those found in Red wine and in green tea. This special mix of polyphenols make it a privileged pharmacy able to cure and prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke and tumors.

The therapeutic promise for the arteries

Heart attack ed ictus are the paired that kills more Americans than any other health problem. The cause it can be traced back to the fact that the arteries to the heart and brain become clogged due to plaque, a fatal one combination di cholesterol e thickened cell debris from inflammatory and oxidative processes: theatherosclerosis. You want a plant so much powerful to regress e to prevent this problem? It is soon said the pomegranate.

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