Bio Tigullio Cinque Terre Promotes activities that make love for local products and artifacts their choice of life. It devotes large space ancient recipes locals, to the healing properties of the wild herbs and spices,, to farmhouses restaurants that offer hospitality, genuine cuisine and local wines. It creates network between the companies of the two gulfs of Tigullio, of the Five lands, of Genoese and theirs hinterlands. It encourages "outdoor" activities such as trekking. In collaboration with the site

Events in Tigullio and Cinque Terre

Find the events that interest you most: festivals, markets, expo, presentations, courses, summer camps, events and much more.

Varese Ligure Book Festival

Val di Vara Events - Book Festival - 30/31 July Varese Ligure

Events in Val di Vara. The Val di Vara Book festival is born, two days of books, tastings and music in Varese Ligure (SP). In the "round village" of the Val di Vara, ...
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I walk in the tigullio between mountains, sea and villages

Cammino nel Tigullio - Trekking between Mountains, Sea and Villages - July, August, September 2022

The Cammino nel Tigullio, between Monti, Mare and Borghi, is a circular walk with departure and return in Chiavari. A holiday dedicated to slow tourism, tourism that does not ...
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Genoa Events Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms

Genoa Events - Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms - June, July 2022

Events in Genoa: Costa Dorothea "Virtus Mushroom" farm is pleased to invite all of you to a visit to their production laboratory to share the wonderful power of ...
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Sestri Levante Agricultural and Self-Producing Market

Events Tigullio - Km0 Agricultural Market and Self-Productions - Sestri Levante

Km0 Agricultural Market and Self-Productions in Sestri Levante, every Tuesday from 9 am to 13 pm The direct producers who cultivate and transform in their farms with care and ...
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Events Tigullio Agricultural Market Valgraveglia

Events Tigullio - Agricultural Market Val Graveglia - every Saturday morning in Conscenti

Events Tigullio: every Saturday morning, from 8 to 12, in Piazza del Municipio, in Conscenti, you can find local products for sale, certified and sold directly by local companies: vegetables, ...
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Activities and Companies Tigullio and Cinque Terre

Following is a careful selection of people who make their passion a lifestyle choice in harmony with Nature, Traditions and the Territory of Tigullio, Cinque Terre and beyond. We will also discover numerous friends from Genoa and all these wonderful hinterlands.

maria de zena island of canton hemp genoa

Cascinetta Maria de Zena Canapa Agricultural Company in Genoa

Finally, after years of taboos and forcaiole laws, we can freely return to talk about Hemp in Genoa and beyond. Today we are going to discover the fabulous reality of the friends of the La Cascinetta farm, ...
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chiappara winery fabio neirone val fontanabuona

Chiappara Winery Fabio Neirone Val Fontanabuona

This week we are again in the variegated and multiform Val Fontanabuona to talk about the Fabio Chiappara Winery. A beautiful reality, also this, like the one told in the previous article, based in Neirone but located in the locality ...
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farm daniela porta neirone val fontanabuona

Daniela Porta Neirone Farm in Val Fontanabuona

Today we meet Daniela Porta of the homonymous farm located in Val Fontanabuona. We are located in Acqua di Ognio in the Municipality of Neirone. We immediately fell in love with Daniela after reading, both online and ...
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Sarzana wandering bee beekeeping company

Beekeeping Company Ape Vagabonda Bottagna La Spezia

We are about to meet the beautiful reality of the Beekeeping Company in La Spezia, the Ape Vagabonda, and precisely in Loc. Bottagna in the Municipality of Vezzano Ligure. Before leaving the floor to the protagonists, let's pause for a moment on ...
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il costello farm sausages val di vara

Il Costello farm sausages in Carro in Val di Vara

Today we will tell you about the delicious sausages from Val di Vara produced by the organic farm Il Costello. It is no coincidence that all good things have to do with other good things. And from ...
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farm i meadows of venus sixth enjoy val di vara

I Prati di Venere farm lavender in Sesta Godano in Val di Vara

Today we are talking about Lavender in the heart of the Val di Vara and more precisely in Sesta Godano. Sesta Godano is a small village of about 1200 inhabitants in the Province of La Spezia. We are no longer ...
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Purchase these Products from Our Online Store

From our online store you can make a safe purchase of absolutely niche and totally exclusive local products. A choice that rewards our territories, for a gift that will remain forever in your heart.

All Mushrooms grown by Virtus Mushroom

All Mushrooms grown by Virtus Mushroom

There are unique productions throughout the national scene, one of these is located in Genoa. We are talking about mushrooms, from cultivation to sale, for medicinal use or use in the kitchen. Here you can buy Virtus Mushroom mushrooms: a seal that combines quality and excellence ...
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extra virgin olive oils biotigullio5terre

The unsurpassed EVO oils of the Ligurian Riviera

On our shop you can buy an important choice of monovarietal and non-monovarietal EVO oils. All strictly Ligurian and above all all 100% natural. These oils produced by local farms have excellent quality standards for a unique taste of its kind ...
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the exclusive wines of the Tigullio and the Cinque Terre biotigullio5terre

The inimitable wines of Tigullio of the Cinque Terre and beyond

On our shop you will find a wide selection of exclusive wines. All strictly Ligurian and above all all 100% natural and organic. The choice we made was based on the sustainability characteristics of the various local wineries ...
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The Ancient Recipes of the Territory

Discover and try your hand at one of the many recipes of our territories. Do you want to help grow the cookbook? Write to us and will be published.

liqueur of violets flowers and preparation

Violet Elixir Recipe

Together with Dorothea, today we are going to discover the recipe for Viola's Elixir. The main use of the violet is as a plant for ornamental purposes, but the 'bonbons à la violette' and the use in perfumery are also famous ...
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Sugeli with Cauliflower Ligurian recipe

Ligurian sugeli with cauliflower Genoese recipe

The history of the Ligurian Gnocchetti also known as 'sugeli' dates back to many years ago. In the hinterland between Imperia and Albenga, there is a typical cuisine, very poor, born from the needs of the shepherds who lived in the area. Commonly called ...
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Cavolo Lavagnino Tagliatelle with Bacon

Tagliatelle with Lavagnino Cabbage Genoese recipe

Cavolo Lavagnino is a typical vegetable of the Eastern Ligurian Riviera. The Liguria Region has identified and included it among the 300 traditional agri-food products, a list of typical products, whose methods of ...
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Genoese-style cappon magro

Cappon Magro traditional Ligurian and Genoese recipe

Cappon Magro alla Genovese is undoubtedly the king of fish and vegetable based salads. It is made up of moistened sailor's biscuits sprinkled with mosciame or bottarga and ...
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zimino of Ligurian Genoese chickpeas

Zimino di Ceci Ancient Ligurian Recipe

Chickpeas in Ligurian zimino, is an ancient recipe of poor Ligurian cuisine, a simple and lean dish that we can find in Liguria on the tables of Christmas Eve but also in the other holidays of the month of ...
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trofie chestnut flour recipe Ligurian cuisine

Chestnut Flour Trofie

Did you know that the birthplace of the classic trofie as for the trofie of chestnut flour, is the one that goes from Camogli to Bogliasco, and more precisely that of Recco? Well yes, going to comb through ...
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Spices and Officinal Plants

Follow us and you will discover all the healing properties of the Spices, Spontaneous Herbs and Officinal Plants that nature puts at our disposal.

St. John's wort St. John's wort flowers botanical illustration

Hypericum Hypericum Perforatum or St. John's Wort

Today we are going to get to know the St. John's wort better known as Hypericum. From the Latin, Hypericum Perforatum, a perennial medicinal plant that has remarkable phytotherapeutic and curative properties with a great historical past in the ...
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almond tree and almond fruit

Almond its medical properties that are good for the heart

Almond has medical properties to be discovered. But first let's clarify a bit. Is almond a spice? Although you think of almonds as a dry fruit in shell, in fact ...
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pomegranate also known as pomegranate apple plant and fruit

The Pomegranate also known as Mela Granata from the Latin Malum Granatum

The elusive red seeds of the garnet apple - grana apple - are dried and used as a spice in India. Scientific studies have always linked them to good heart and prostate health. Every ...
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juniper berries

Juniper berries

There are over 70 species of Juniper and Juniper berries which include both tree and shrub varieties. Juniper berries are spices in all respects and take three years to reach ...
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garlic trine garlic triquetrum

Trigono Garlic or Wild Garlic

Garlic Trigono (Garlic Triquetrum) is a perennial plant, rather widespread in Italy and in the Mediterranean area, which spreads in dense colonies. With the arrival of spring, everywhere is an explosion of flowers and leaves ...
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Ligurian prebuggiun herbs

The Prebouggion or Ligurian Prebuggiun

Today we are going to discover the Ligurian Prebouggion or Prebuggiun. A blend of spontaneous herbs typical of Ligurian cuisine but not only this one. It is basically a mix of wild herbs cooked using a ...
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Trekking Walks Stories of the Way

A space for Slow Tourism that speaks to our Territory: capturing it, photographing it and dreaming it through the sensitivity of walkers. We are waiting for you on our paths of Tigullio and Cinque Terre, forgetting the masks for once!

I walk in the tigullio between mountains, sea and villages

I walk in the Tigullio between mountains, sea and villages

Download the credentials of the Cammino nel Tigullio in format o Il Cammino nel Tigullio, between Monti, Mare and Borghi is an "Outdoor" initiative conceived and promoted by BioTigullio5Terre, the portal that promotes the Tigullio, the Cinque ...
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Way in the Tigullio stage n. 1 Chiavari Montallegro

Walk in the Tigullio between the mountains, the sea and the villages. Stage 1

(The .gpx or .kml formats can be opened via the following smartphone apps: GPX Viewer, Open GPX Tracker). Download the Credentials of the Way in Tigullio in format or Brief Description of Stage 1 ...
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Way in the Tigullio stage n. 2 Montallegro Chignero

Walk in the Tigullio between the mountains, the sea and the villages. Stage 2

(The .gpx or .kml formats can be opened via the following smartphone apps: GPX Viewer, Open GPX Tracker). Download the Credentials of the Way in Tigullio in format or Brief Description of Stage 2 ...
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Culture, History, Stories and Art

We rediscover and re-establish our roots through historical, artistic and cultural paths.

The village of Rocchette in Ne in Val Graveglia

Borgo di Rocchette Municipality of Ne Province of Genoa

Have you ever thought of giving up everything and moving to a mountain? We do! The Borgo di Rocchette in the Municipality of Ne behind the Tigullio is the one that did in our case. The ...
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bee in the shop bulk products km0 genoa albaro pasta and soaps

The Ape in Bottega loose products and km0

Today we will meet Luca from the store of bulk products and Km.0 'Ape in Bottega' of Albaro in Genoa. BioTigullio5Terre is fascinated by this change that comes through this new type of purchase of first-class products ...
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Kilo the Sfuseria in Via Ravecca in Genoa

Kilo the Sfuseria del Vicolo Genova

Today we meet Olga, born in 1988. Passionate about fashion and design and originally from Uzbekistan. Olga tells us a little about her story, her travels, her love for the environment and her continuous research. There ...
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